Junior Golf Summer Camp

Full-Day Indoor Golf Camp for Kids 9-16 in Fort Collins

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A Fun, Indoor Junior Golf Camp/Clinic in Northern Colorado

XGolf Fort Collins offers a fun, safe learning environment for kids age 9 to 16 to practice and compete in golf this summer. Specific dates will be forthcoming, but begin this June.

  • Two-Day Junior Golf Summer Camp
  • $135 Total (for both days) 
  • 9 AM to 3 PM (with a one-hour lunch break) 
  • 9-16 Years Old
  • Includes Camp T-Shirt 
  • Food & Amenities
  • Golf Instruction & Play
  • Drive, Chip, & Putt Contests

 There will also be a pro golfer participating in the cap to help give instructions to the kids. Want to give your kids something fun to do for a few days while they’re off from school for the summer? Sign them today for junior golf summer camp at XGolf Fort Collins!

When deciding whether or not to sign your kids up for junior golf lessons…

  • Make sure they want to do it, not just you signing them up for something they’re not interested in.
  • Make sure they know at least a little bit about how to play golf in advance (and if not, consider signing them up for a lesson, beforehand).
  • Don’t expect them to overnight become champions (though by immersing themselves in golf for two days, you can expect some significant improvements, if not just a greater passion for the sport).
  • Be aware that golf camp involves some friendly competition. 

Give us a call to learn more. 

(970) 237-3642

More Than Just A Fun, Game-Improving Experience…

XGolf Fort Collins’ junior summer camp can help your child become a leader both on and off the course.

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