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5 Tips for Junior Golfers

5 Tips For Junior Golfers

According to the National Golf Foundation 3.1 Million Junior Golfers teed it up in 2020. 34% of the juniors were female golfers which more than doubles the same statistic from the year 2000.

The game of golf creates learning experiences that builds self -confidence & resilience, translating to all areas of life! X-Golf is passionate about teaching the game to the youth of the Fort Collins and surrounding communities. Our facility provides a safe & supportive environment to learn the skills necessary to succeed on the course.

Here are 5 tips to help your junior golfer thrive:

Find A PGA Professional In Your Area

Golf is not an easy game so learning at a young age can be challenging. It’s best to leave early instruction to a certified professional that has experience teaching junior golfers. A PGA Professional  will be able to identify early habits (both good and bad) that will build a solid foundation for years to come! The last thing you want is too many chefs in the kitchen giving swing tips and eliminating the enjoyment of learning the game. We suggest that parents stick to positive encouragement and let the pro’s do the teaching! Our Director of Golf, Harry Tanner PGA, has years of experience instructing junior golfers.

Group Instruction

Most kids enjoy and excel in a group learning environment. The amount of time between shots creates a social environment.  A group setting allows the opportunity to meet new friends and socialize.The time also allows instructors to give necessary attention to each individual in a group setting. A group environment will allow kids to have fun without getting overwhelmed with frustration.

Variety in Activity is Key

While golf is a game of repetition and consistency, too much of the same thing over and over will lose their interest. Hitting balls is important but you can teach fundamental golf skills without using a club! Hand-eye coordination, balance and range of motion can all be taught through different games that break up range practice. X-Golf’s kids camp utilizes this principle by breaking into different stations, some of which will not include a club or ball

Don’t Let Them Get Burnt Out

This may be the most important tip of the 5! When a child shows interest in golf it can be easy to get overly excited and want them to join you every time on the course. It’s important to let them dictate the frequency and level at which they want to play. Frustration and slumps will occur and it’s important to take some time away from the game in these times. 

Make it A Family Activity 

Golf can be a great bonding activity for the entire family! Try creating family traditions around the game of golf. This tradition could be an evening round walking 9-holes, watching on Sunday at The Master’s, playing in an X-Golf league together, scheduling a round during a family vacation, or attending PGA or LPGA tournaments. No matter what the tradition is, golf can supply memories that will last a lifetime!