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Fort Collins Indoor Golf Tournaments

Golf used to be about gathering a group of friends, trying to coordinate schedules, and hopefully getting the chance to lock in a tee time that worked for everyone. It also meant walking long distances (or renting a golf cart) and going from hole to hole all day long until you had played your 18 holes. However, it is no longer necessary to go through all of that effort just to get in a great round of golf. Instead, you can play indoor golf tournaments at our Fort Collins location.

We offer a variety of different ways to play the game (more on that below), and we make it easier for you to have your chance to get together with the people you enjoy hanging out with for a few rounds of golf. Given that our offering is all about indoor golf, you won’t have to waste your afternoon chasing after golf balls and spend more of your time socializing and enjoying each other’s company. If you are looking for “golf tournaments near me”, then you need to check out the offerings that we have in store.

Styles of Golf to Enjoy

You might want to mix up your gameplay and try different types of golf to keep things interesting.


This is a style of golf in which you play on teams of two or four. Each player on the team takes their stroke, but only the player with the best shot keeps their ball on the green. The other player picks up their ball after all strokes have been taken, and the teams begin again from the spot where their best stroke landed.

Alternative Shot

Another form of team-play golf, alternative shot is set up for teams of two to play one ball and alternative who takes the shot on each hole. This means each player only truly plays 9 holes, but the team plays a total of 18.

Best Ball

Similar to Scramble, Best Ball involves teams of two playing through a hole looking to see which player can score the lowest score. However, instead of picking up the ball with the worst stroke, all players play the hole all the way through. It is just that the best score is the only one that is kept and serves as the team’s score.

Net vs. Gross Scoring

In all of these competitive modes you can see that there will be a net score vs a gross score. The gross score is the cumulative score that the team had over the course of play. For example, if two teammates played on the first hole and one scored 3 strokes and the other scored 5 strokes, then their gross score is 8 strokes. However, in many of the game modes described above, the higher score would be tossed out. Thus, in this case, the net score would be just 3 strokes (the lower score).

Another way to look at it is like this:

You have a handicap of 24 and you shoot a 96 on the course. Your friend has a handicap of 16 and shoots a 90 on the course. Your friend has the lower gross score, but their handicap brings their net score down to a 74 vs. your net score of 72. You simply take your gross score (96) and subtract your handicap (24) to get your net score of 72. Your friend had a 90 subtracted 16 for their handicap and ended up with a net score of 74. Thus, you technically had a better round of golf based on your handicaps. 

Handicapped Scoring

Every league and competition that we offer features handicapped scoring. This is done to make the competition as far as possible. All golfers tend to be of significantly different qualities, and it is better to look at the handicap of a given golfer before determining how they ought to be matched up with others. In other words, handicap scoring is one of the only ways to create a fair and even playing field between golfers with significant skills and those who are still working out the intricacies of their game.

Golfers can have a handicap of anywhere from 0 to 36 (with a few exceptions of golfers who have a negative handicap). To help understand how this works in a competitive setting, let’s take a look at an example:

You are a 10 handicap golfer, and your competition if a 15 handicap golfer. To make the competition fair for both of you, it is necessary to give your competition a 5 stroke lead to begin the competition. This allows them to pull even with you to start the round, and it allows them to compete with you on even ground. 

Our local and some of the national tournaments that we host use handicap scoring to level the playing field. Additionally, the handicaps are determined based on the tee box. Thus, everyone is given as fair of an opportunity as possible to compete in these tournaments.

One quick note for those who decide to play X-Golf. The handicapping system is different from traditional golf. There are no course handicaps. Instead, handicap strokes are applied only to the total score. After all, there are NOT difficulty ratings on individual holes in X-Golf.

How to Compete in X-Golf

To make the games as fun and entertaining as possible, we offer indoor golf tournaments to fans of our games. It is our mission to always make sure that everyone who does business with us has the chance to show off their skills and create a fun atmosphere for all who wants to participate in our games. This often means offering competitive versions of the X-golf games that people have come to know and love.

X-Golf tournaments can be played on some of the most revered golf courses in the country. These are the same courses that PGA professionals play on as well. They include iconic courses such as Pebble Beach, The Old Course at St. Andrews, Bay Hill, PGA National, Harbour Town, and Kapalua.

We have both local and national tournaments. You may set up a competition to just be between your friends, or you can get involved with a local league. Local leagues fly under the banner of X-league, and they are designed to provide players with the incredible action and competition that they need to be their best and to enjoy the ability to fight it out amonst others in their area for supremacy. League rankings and standings are updated on the website for all to see.

National Tournaments

If you are among the most talented golfers, you might consider competing in national tournaments. These are a series of events that involve collecting points at each event as part of the overall competition. You may win smaller prizes for individual wins in various tournaments, but your overall goal is to collect as many wins as possible to put yourself on track for the bigger prizes that await you if you end up as the points champion overall.

People who compete in the national tournaments are among the best X-golf players out there, so you should be prepared for some heavy competition. After all, the grand prize for the 2022/2023 national tournament is a golf trip to Cabo!

Local Fort Collins Tournaments

Those who want to have a better chance at winning a prize of some kind might want to consider participating in local Fort Collins tournaments. The reason being because it will allow them to compete at a level that offers them more opportunities to fight it out amongst people of a similiar skill level. Many local Fort Collins tournaments offer net and gross scoring systems that provide all players with a better chance to win.

Typically, the prizes for these tournaments come in the form of gift cards, or even an X-golf membership (worth $500). So, if you want to be involved with indoor golf tournaments and have the best chance to win, these local tournaments are the way to go.