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Holiday Party Event Ideas

Throwing a winter holiday party is an excellent way to connect with your employees and showcase your company culture. It’s also a good way to bring all the employees together and celebrate your achievements.

However, planning for a company party or event can be stressful. For instance, you must pick a venue to accommodate all your employees. Additionally, you need to decide on fun activities that will keep everyone engaged and entertained.

We have some company holiday party ideas for you to make your next business party memorable. Here is how to give your employees a thrilling winter party experience.

Large Holiday Party at X-Golf Fort Collins

Choose a theme for your Holiday Party

Your corporate party will be much more fun if everyone wears a similar outfit. But, of course, you’re free to pick anything as your theme. Here are some ideas to help you decide on a theme for your event.

  • Color theme — Go with the popular and classic black and white party or red and white as an alternative
  • White decor, twinkling lights, and fake snow
  • Include international holiday traditions — ask your international employees (if any) to give you some ideas

You don’t need to worry too much about getting the perfect theme. Instead, you want a theme that suits your company’s values and beliefs. You have many options, but you can simply go with a winter wonderland theme.

Holiday Party decoration and party favors

You’ll need to get a few decorations, especially if you’re not using an all-inclusive venue. Ensure your winter party decorations match your party theme.

Furthermore, you want to have some party favors to thank your guests (your employees) for attending the party. Make sure the party favors stick to your chosen winter theme as well.

Plan for entertainment

Good entertainment will take your winter party to the next level. You want an entertainer that blends well with your party theme, be it a magician, a singer, a band, or a face painter. Furthermore, you want to hire the entertainment ahead of time to prevent last-minute rushes.

Consider creating a holiday playlist that all employees will enjoy listening to. Don’t worry about the sound system because we have an A/V system.

If you haven’t created your holiday playlist, you can select songs from our touch tunes jukebox.

Include some indoor golf

When picking your venue, consider one that offers fun activities and a great ambiance, like an indoor golf facility.

Indoor golf is an extraordinary experience that will thrill your employees. Golf can sometimes considered a rich man’s sport, but is now accessible to all in the comfort of an indoor restaurant/bar atmosphere. If you will be hosting C-level or VIP clients, it is important to note that  high-rank employees are more likely golf enthusiasts.

Regardless of the attendees indoor golf  is sure to be an excellent icebreaker for all your employees as they wait for key events. However, if you want to include indoor golf on your party list, remember to choose a suitable venue, like X-Golf — it is a great place for golfers and everyone who wants to relax and have fun.

indoor golf simulator at X-Golf Fort Collins

Divide your employees into smaller teams

If you’re hosting a large group of employees, consider grouping them into small teams for easy participation and interaction.

The best part about hosting your corporate winter holiday party at X-Golf is that there’s no limit to the number of employees who can attend your party. Outside of the indoor golf simulators your holiday party guests can take advantage of the other amenities at our event venue

Moreover, there are multiple virtual golfing booths to accommodate large teams. Therefore, your guests won’t need to take turns playing golf.

Ready to throw a winter holiday party for your employees?

No matter your company culture, budget, or season, there’s always a party idea perfect for your team. You want to pick a theme and plan for entertainment and decorations.

But the most important thing is to pick a good venue that allows for exciting group activities like indoor golf.

Ready to host your corporate winter party? Book an event with X-Golf today.