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The 5 Scariest Shots At X-Golf

Halloween and golf may not often be two phrases associated with one another, but X-Golf allows for the perfect potion! Celebrate the spooky season (in costume of course) while teeing it up on Fort Collins’ most accurate golf simulators. With plenty of food and beverage at your disposal, X-Golf Fort Collins is the perfect place to have your Halloween gathering or next event.


In the spirit of Halloween, we have decided to highlight some of the scariest golf shots you will face on the golf simulators at X-Golf . These holes will haunt golfers well after they have completed their round! 

Golf Course: Coeur d’Alene 

Hole: 14

Distance/Par: Par 3 – 167

“The Floating Green”

 Even if you aren’t afraid of water, the 14th hole at Coeur d’Alene has the potential to turn any golfer into an aquaphobic. Any par 3 with any water is scary, but this green is mysteriously floating in the middle of Lake Coeur d’Alene. At only 50 yards wide and 30 yards front-to-back the green would be tough to hit without the mind games you’ll play over the ball (“don’t go in the water, don’t go in the water”). A system of underwater cables allows the hole to be anywhere between 100-220 yards long. Frightening. 


Golf Course: Bay Hill

Hole: 18

Distance/Par: 424 yard par 4

“Devil’s Bathtub”

The lake on the 18th hole at Bay Hill might as well be considered a 5th Ocean. 18 annual ranks as the hardest hole at Bay Hill mainly due to the difficulty of the approach shot into the green. The green wraps around the rock lined shore making the back right pin location downright demonic! Many Arnold Palmer Invitationals have been won and lost with the 2nd shot on this finishing hole. A smart golfer will usually choose 1-2 more clubs than anticipated. However, most of these golfers are only enlightened because they were once upon a time baptized in the lake on 18.


Golf Course: Pebble Beach 

Hole: 18

Distance/Par: 500 yard par 5

The most famous finishing hole in golf. “

If the sound of waves crashing doesn’t strike fear into you, this tee shot certainly will. The only way to reach the green in two is to take on the left side. However, a miss left will likely require scuba equipment to retrieve your ball. On the other hand, bailing out right doesn’t leave you a ton of options either as you will be greeted by the terrifying world of bunkers and houses.  Should you be so talented as to drive one straight down the middle, a massive Cypress tree may just block you from the green! Not spooked by ocean cliffs or cypress trees? Let us introduce you to The Bear Trap!


Golf Course: PGA National

Hole: 16

Distance/Par: 387 yard par 4

“The Bear Trap”

Any of the 3 holes in the “Bear Trap” at PGA National (holes 15,16, and 17) could be chosen for our spooky list, but hole 16 can be deadly to a golfer’s round. Water comes into play on both the drive and the approach. You have two choices off the tee – option 1: Hit a 200 yard shot and have a long iron over a body of water or option 2: You can risk it with a longer tee shot bringing in water danger on both sides of the fairway. Your 2nd shot into the elevated green will be shorter with option 2 but still frightening. Jack Nicklaus thinks the 16th is one of the strongest at PGA National regardless of conditions. 


Golf Course: Interburgo 

Hole: 9

Distance/Par: 811 yards par 6

“Par 6????”

At over 810 yards from the blues, this hole is an absolute BEAST. Good luck getting home in 3,4, or even 5 shots. If one of your several shots on the way to the green misses, you can find yourself rolling down a hill or behind a large tree. Legend has it that you can hear wandering lost souls on the 9th hole at Interburgo still hoping to make it to the green some day.