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X-Golf Made It Into Forbes Magazine

When the cold months inevitably arrive, you can nearly hear an audible groan from the golfers in your vicinity. Golf is such an incredible and beloved sport, but one issue that constantly arises that prevents us from getting some swings in is, of course, the weather. That is, until now. No matter if the temperature is in the negatives or if it is raining cats and dogs outside, X-Golf gives you the ability to work on your game through our virtual golf bays in Fort Collins!

We know that we’ve said it before, and will likely say it again, but we offer the best and most in-depth indoor golfing that you can find, but don’t just take our word for it! Since our golf simulators first came to the U.S. in 2016, word has gotten out that we are the best place to golf when the weather isn’t cooperating or when you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to book a tee time at your local course. In fact, we are proud to say that we were just featured in Forbes! Read on to learn more,and if you have any questions for us or are ready to book a tee time, then go ahead and contact us today.

“Perfect Indoor Golf Weather”

Forbes contributor Scott Kramer found himself in Detroit and, being an avid golfer, wanted to get a few swings in. If you have ever been to Michigan mid-February, then you know that it isn’t known to be very warm during this time of year. So Scott, his sister, and a friend of his decided to check out our Detroit location and see what we were all about. The first thing that they noticed was that there were five bays located in the main room, two private areas, and a plethora of big-screen TVs. Mr. Kramer describes our indoor golf facility “like a bowling alley, except instead of lanes, golf simulator hitting bays.” He also saw that there was a full-service bar for drinks and food.

Just like you hit the range before playing a round on a real course, Mr. Kramer’s group decided to take a little time getting accustomed to the gear and took some practice swings on our virtual driving range. Immediately, he could tell that the ball flight simulation was accurate since he knew his swing well enough and the shots that he was capable of. After warming up, they decided to give Pebble Beach a try. 

Having visited multiple other virtual golf centers, one thing that impressed the group was our automatic tee and ball-feeding system. Everyone has the ability to have the tee as high or low as they prefer, and the best part is that you don’t even have to bend down to tee up. Scott was also a big fan of the chipping and putting capabilities. We are proud of the accuracy of our simulators, and a big part of this is our patented system of lasers and high-speed cameras for the most realistic approach. While putting is always difficult to pin down in virtual golf, we have gotten as close as possible to the real thing. Just keep in mind that the screen represents a 16-foot putt, so if you have a short putt, you don’t want it to be hitting the screen. 

It sure seems like Scott Kramer had a great time at our X-Golf facility in Detroit and even goes so far to refer to us as a “golfer’s haven” during the winter! If you would like to read the full article, you can find it here

Come See For Yourself

The best part about X-Golf is that it is enjoyable for golfers of all levels, from beginners to club champions. Whether you are just looking to work on your game (we also offer golf lessons from a PGA professional), want to have some fun with friends or coworkers, or you want to join one of our X-Leagues, you will find it here! Have any questions? Simply give us a call! Or, better yet, swing by today to check out our golf simulators or just come in for a few drinks and watch a game.