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Are Custom-Fitted Clubs Worth It?

Regarding custom-fit golf clubs, we’ve all heard our friends giving the common refrains:

  • “I never make the same swings twice, so what’s the point?”
  • “My current clubs work just fine for me.”
  • “I’ll get fitted clubs once I’m good enough.”

The list of excuses goes on… but do any of those really hold weight? For many people, a simple shaft change can result in a significant improvement in performance. Trying out different shafts, lofts, and set-ups, and ultimately fine-tuning your swing can help maximize your potential on the golf course. If you’re in the Fort Collins area and would like to get custom-fitted clubs, XGolf provides state-of-the-art technology to give you the most precise, custom Callaway club fitting for your swing. The great thing about using a fitter such as Callaway is that there are so many club heads and other options that when we say “best fitting”, it truly is just that. 

Preparing for Your Visit

XGolf retails custom Callaway fittings in Fort Collins, readily accommodating guests with one hour and longer sessions. We recommend when you schedule a session with us at our state-of-the-art simulation facility to wear comfortable golf attire and bring your current driver and 6-iron. These two clubs will be used as a baseline to fit a set for you. It’ll be useful for you, as well, to be able to compare fitted clubs with your current clubs to see the difference and make decisions based on that. If you are worried that you aren’t “good enough” to use fitted clubs, you should know that most people who use them have a handicap ranging between the mid single-digits up well into the 20s. If you fall within that range, custom-fitted clubs are likely a worthwhile option for you. 

During Your Session

After you arrive for your fitting session, one of our specialists will take you to an area designed for collecting impact information regarding your performance extremely accurately. In the center of the room is a tur mat with a monitor, a wall-mounted side-view camera, and a number of other high-speed cameras on the ceiling focused on the area of impact. These cameras together collect all the necessary data regarding how the club is swinging and how the ball is projected to fly. This advanced system is unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. The Callaway fitting performance test process is extremely valuable, even if you decide against getting new clubs, as it shows you your current strengths and weaknesses. Honest analysis of your current swing will help you correct it with whatever means are called for. While a club fitting session isn’t meant to be a lesson, it will often provide you with information that is very valuable for improving your game. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t ready to get new clubs — we’re not here to sell you a condo or anything. Our specialist’s job is to provide the best, most accurate experience for the player, not sell you anything. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what is best for your game.You can see different types of Callaway clubs on the custom-fitting section of the Callaway website. 

Stock Clubs vs Custom-Fitted Clubs

Are custom-fitted clubs worth it? The basic answer to this question is another question: “Can you repeat your swing?” If the answer is proven to be “No,” then custom-fitting should not be a top priority for you, as there are other things more important for you to focus on. However, if you are consistently slicing, hooking, or rolling your shot in a repeatable fashion, customizing your clubs is an effective way of optimizing your performance. 

If you can repeat your swing, then you should be fitted

Are you in Fort Collins and want to collect more data about your swing to see if custom-fitted Callaway clubs would be right for you? Schedule an appointment at XGolf today!