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New Virtual Courses at XGolf Fort Collins

XGolf Fort Collins is pleased to announce that we will soon be getting three new virtual courses at our facility:

  • Merion Golf Club
  • St Andrews
  • Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Learn more about these unique courses below.

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Added to our collection of your favorite 18 holes are three new, world-famous courses. Let’s look at the history of each of them and some featured holes.

#1: Merion Golf Club

This private golf club in Pennsylvania has hosted five U.S. Opens and was originally established in the early 1900s. With a total of 36 holes, Merion Golf Club is one of the finest inland links in the country. As Jack Nicklaus once said, “Acre for acre, [Merion] may be the best test of golf in the world.”

Benefits include:

  • Having hosted 5 U.S. Opens and 18 United States Golf Association championship tournaments — the most of any course in America
  • Consistently rated in the top 10 best American golf courses
  • Designed by Hugh Wilson to provide both significant penalties (i.e., hazards and boundaries) as well as multiple lines of deviation to reach the pin from the tee 
  • Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1992

Featured Hole: The 16th hole at Merion is one of its most memorable holes, with an old limestone quarry on it and the fairway fading out behind some trees. This is many peoples’ favorite par four in the world. 

#2 The Old in St. Andrews

Just beyond Tentsmuir Forest lies the idyllic old town of St. Andrews. This ancient town in Fife is widely considered the home of golf and has some of the oldest golf courses in the world. Golf was being played on the Links at St. Andrews in the 1400s. The Old course is open to the public and is held in trust by decree of parliament. Over the years, this course has been modified and expanded, one of those transformations being the cause of the now standard 18 hole golf course we are so used to today. 

The Old links is widely considered one of the best courses in the world. Some see it as overrated, but its subtle contours, unique historical appeal, and extremely well-made course makes it a mecca for golfers worldwide. See the appeal for yourself without having to leave Fort Collins by signing up for virtual golf practice or tournaments at XGolf today! Our indoor golf simulator gives you the ability to experience many different courses and hone your skills. 

Featured Hole: The Road Hole is one of the most famous holes at St. Andrews. To be able to hit the fairway on this hole, you have to aim over the corner of the The Old Course Hotel. That’s not necessarily challenging, but afterwards, the primary hazard is the “Road Hole Bunker”, which is right in front of the green. Other hazards include an old stone wall, an actual tarmac road, and more. 

The Old course is really impressive when you consider how it’s in many aspects more than 600 years old. It’s truly a testament to the design prowess and vision of the original designers, that this course course still to this day challenges even the best golfers. 

#3: Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Another new course XGolf is proud to offer on your golf similar is a Shinnecock Hills Golf Club course. Based on Long Island, this course is the oldest incorporated golf course in the USA — dating back to 1891. 

  • Has held the U.S. Open in three different centuries
  • First golf club to admit women members (which it did since the beginning)
  • Routinely rated as one of the best golf courses in the world
  • A course you just won’t want to end

This is definitely a classical links style course, where the ball runs fast and the greens are hard to hold. The wind adds another level of challenge, as there aren’t many trees to work as windblocks. This is one of those rare courses that plays as good as it looks. It combines a meld of conditions — being perfect on the shot and rugged outside it. 

Featured Hole: Hole 6 (Pond) is historically the most challenging hole at Shinnecock. Despite being relatively flat, this par four has many sand pits (especially to the right side) and has a wild split fairway. The approach is risky as well, having the course’s only water hazard: a pond. If you go too far right on this hole, it’s all out of bounds.

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club is one of the best courses around, and now you can play it yourself, right here in Fort Collins!

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