Game Analysis $100 (1 Hour Sessions) (new clients)


Are you having trouble making consistent contact? Missing too many fairways and greens? A Game Analysis at XGolf can help you understand why. PGA Professional Harry Tanner will break down your game from tee to green to help diagnose areas that need improvement. Using state-of-the-art technology including video and the My Swing 3D system, a Game Analysis will help you understand more about your game using live data. Ultimately, that data will show you how it effects your results on the course.

Harry Tanner is the Director of Golf @ Xgolf Fort Collins.

Originally from East Moline, IL, Harry is a 6 year United States Air Force Veteran and graduated from the San Diego Golf Academy’s Golf Management program in 2004

Harry has taught over 12,000 lessons in his career using 2D video and 3D motion. Through the PGA’s Professional Golf Management Program Harry has been active in the PGA since 2005 and was elected as a Class A PGA Member in 2010.

Harry is a Callaway Certified Master Fitter, while also fitting products of all club manufacturers with an extensive background in clubmaking and repair.

Harry is Boditrak (Pressure Plate Movement, Ground Reaction Force) & (Titleist Performance Institute) TPI Certified (Physical Limitations)

Harry’s main goal is to help players of all skill levels enjoy the game of golf. With all the technology that is shaping the game today, Harry’s ability to translate these concepts to players of all abilities and skill levels is very important to teaching the game today.

Image of man watching his friend hit at X-Golf

$150 = 1Hr


10 Hours – $1200 – $120 per Hour
20 Hours – $2000 – $100 per Hour
40 Hours – $3200 – $80 per Hour

Club-Fittings –

Half the Fitting fee towards product purchase through Xgolf
$100 – Driver Fitting (1.5hrs)
$100 – Iron Fitting (1.5Hrs)
Putter Fittings and Wedge fitting Available per request

My Swing

My Swing is a 3D Biomechanics Measuring System that sees the things you can't see with cameras or your eyes and turns golf lessons into an incredible experience. Using up to 17 wireless sensors, My Swing includes 3D avatar with full-body tilts, angles, rotations, wrist angles, Center of Mass, swing planes, and free-capture mode to record and analyze any movement. Includes a full .pdf swing report and live audio/visual biofeedback.

Image showcasing X-Golf swing analysis



Carry distance, Club speed, Ball speed, Club trajectory, Ball trajectory, Side spin, Back spin, Launch angle, Impact point and more


Slow motion, Step motion, Side-by-Side comparison with other players


With X-Golf your data can be saved for future reference and ongoing training.

X-Golf has developed a Golf lesson teaching system which combines expert advice, sophisticated swing analysis and a welcoming environment that is redefining the way you learn the game of golf!

Our golf lessons are suitable for all levels of golfers and our PGA Professional can assist with all aspects of your game. We provide a relaxed atmosphere ensuring value for money, technical advice that can be saved and reviewed and most of all improvements to your golf game!


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