X-Golf Olympics

April 29 & 30 : $180 entry per team ($40/team will go to prize pool) $40 must be cash

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Introducing the annual XGolf Fort Collins Olympics!

Grab your team of two players and compete in five total events including Golf, Ping Pong, Foosball, Shuffle Board and Mini-Putt!

Teams will compete over a two-day tournament on Saturday and Sunday April 29th & 30th.  Choose your teammate and your country and join us for great time at X-Golf.

Teams will be placed into a random drawing and will be drawn into four-team groups

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After the two days of competition, one team will win each group and play in the 18-hole playoff following the pool play on Sunday.

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The top four teams will earn a portion of the prize pool with 1st place earning 50% of the cash and of course there will be Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the top three teams.

The tournament will be capped to 32 teams with 8 groups of 4 teams.

X-Golf Fort Collins is proud to announce our Olympics games this year! The event is going to be held on April 29th & 30th in which participants will compete in five total events to fight for the medals and prizes.

Each team will be composed of two individuals, who will then pick a country to represent. There will be four groups of eight teams, for a total of 32 teams in the two-day event. Each grouping will be randomly drawn, and then the events will proceed from there.

There will be several competitions over the two-day span, including Golf, Ping Pong, Foosball, Shuffle Board, and Mini-Putt! After the two days of competitions, the top four teams will compete in an 18-hole tournament with an X-Golf simulation bay to determine the overall winner.

The four teams who make it to the final tournament will split the cash prize pool, with the top team taking 50% of the total prize pool. The top three teams will also get Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals for their respective finish.

Among the fun events will also be closest to the pin and long drive competitions each of the two days, with a winner per day.

The entry fee per team is $180 ($40/team will go to the prize pool, $40 of the entry fee must be in cash).

We hope you sign up for this amazing event, we wish the best of luck, and we know you’ll be in for an amazing time regardless!